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We are pleased to announce that American Legion Department of Utah stated that Post 90’s Ritual Team is the “Best in the State and should be the example others look to”.  

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Let's Get Ready for BASEBALL!

​​St George Sentinel Baseball starts on June 20

Dixie State University Bruce Hurst Field 

State of Utah Convention

Friday, June 22, 2018

Important Information 

Marti Bigbie

​June is going to be busy. Starting with the

"Field of Flags" on June 12 (setup), 13, 14

(program starts at 9 am), 15th and ending the

16th with take down after 6 pm.

St George Sentinel Baseball starts on June 20, where the Color Guard/Ritual Team will post colors at 8:30 AM at Dixie State University Bruce Hurst Field (opening game of the St George Summer Classic Tournament).   The tournament is June 20-23. 

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